Wondered where does the fat go when you burn it?

Well, there is a common misconception that when you get involved in some physical activity your body gets heated up and it’s gone. 

The other wrong theory is that the fat is something that you excrete or something that get converted to a muscle.

Yes, we all would love to get rid of it from our body, and we are glad when it’s gone. But it’s not exactly that how it happens. 

Excess carbs and proteins that we consume are converted into biological compound consisting of molecules such as hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. 

These are stored as fat cells and we need them for energy to survive. For that, you need these molecules to be broken apart.

Remember chemistry lessons at school where you learned when you break up fat you end up with carbon dioxide, water and energy. Apparently, to burn 10 kg of fat, you need to inhale 29 kg of oxygen to break it down and it produces 28 kg of CO2 and 11 kg of water. 

Turns out you exhale more CO2, and you'll lose more weight.  So, the name of the game is exhale more frequently and you are on the job of burning fat.

Doesn’t mean you sit on the couch, eat miracle food, and breath more!


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